Social for showing the social work.

People simply show that they are social to public. Simple showing of candles and walking.its not true from there hearts.

If there are really serious they can help an  N.g.o working for poor people.
Social work is very much difficult.
People here are only social.

if they are serious for social causes they can donate some time to others and help.


Nothing changed so far

Nothing have changed in india so far.
Garbage and overflow of drains in each area.

Very poor administration.still we call it hitech.




Garbage not been cleared everyday.
Overflowing of drains the most common in hyderabad.

Still we called it a cybercity.

Police? Singham

Police actually works for ministers, politicians and celebrities. They dont have time for general public.this is the story of police.

They only give security to minister and space for women’s safety.

Even they protect celebrities from public while they are on shots.

There is not public administration in police department.

Mostly  they are corrupted.
Even you can see in the movie singham.

Destroying The Innocents ( gang rape)

Recent cases of rape of innocent girls. Looks like nobody is safe.
The law and order has to be tighten to stop this rapes across the country. Where are we going.

Major factors

1.lack of education.

We must all support the ngo’s and other government agencies to stop this kind of crimes.

Law and order should be strict. Yhis kind if acts are shamefulk for the society

Donating A Life

We have some responsibilitys as a good human being .Last time I hear about the need of a blood to a person who was very serious. My friend called me asked for the help. I was  ready for donating the blood but my blood group was different.i have made search for blood in blood banks finally we got the blood but they said to me to donate the same quantity of blood .I have donate the blood and saved a persons life.

We the indians must stand for help.

Good things and helping hands are the things always makes you happy.

Telengana survey @19

Telengana government is conducting survey in all districts on 19 august and declare a public holiday. this is the important survey for the people of telengana and aswelk gor the government.officials are already made elaborate arrangments for the survey and deployed nearly 4 lakh employees.this is the first time that survey will be completed in 1 day itself.goverment request the people to come fotward and share there details in the surveys.