Scary house

I have an experince but not the real one.

In hyderabad we have scary house which gives you the feel of ghost in darkness.

Its a nice concept I was shocked when I entered the scary house .
You find number of ghost which are not real. The rooms with full darkness.
Tickets are normal in range of the common man.

One can experience the ghost playing with you.


Donating human organs

Whats wrong in donating or charity.
If you have you will surely donate something or other. If you dont support charity and donations you will be a big loser in the life.
Charity always helps the person in need.

Charity and donations are the most important thing of the life.

I  strongly support donations and charity for the betterment of the society.

Some great people donate not only money but also human organs like kidneys and eyes.

Hope you all love charity.

Living forever

A few words can’t describe the entire life cycle  of the life.
Life is full of ups and downs.
Kabhi khusi kabhi gham.
The ten things before leaving the world.

1.Keep praying to god till the last breath.
2.To obey parents and elders.
3.Planting the trees so that I can breath after I die.
4.Making my family healthy and wealthy.
5.Social work .
6.Sharing my knowledge.
7.Donating my free timeĀ  to ngo organisations.
8.making a resourceful website.
9.Keep blogging.
10.Accepting my mistakes.