First horticulture expo of telengana state









The power of solitude.

I was in ninth grade, the group of girls I ran around with stopped speaking to me.  Every time they passed me in the hall, they would turn their backs and giggle. I felt like an outcast. It was my first experience of real loneliness, and at the time, it felt like the end of the world.

This experience lingered in my emotional backpack for years. Even now, the word loneliness can sometimes trigger the emotion—part melancholy and part loss—of those days. It was only after I had been doing spiritual practice for a while that I began to see that the emotion of loneliness is not only personal.

Perhaps that’s one reason why loneliness, and even the fear of loneliness, can be such a stumbling block on the road to inner growth. Certain journeys cannot be taken unless you’re willing to face loneliness, and yet many of us are afraid of it.  Have you ever stayed in a relationship long after you knew it wasn’t good for you, held onto friends who no longer understand the person you’ve become, shied away from meditation and contemplation because it meant being by yourself$

Solitude teaches you how to be with yourself. And without it, you never learn to truly be at home with what you are.

guess whats famous in hyderabad.




1.Haleem : consists of Goat meat,spices,wheat and pure ghee.

2.Mutton Biryani: Basmati Rice,Goat Meat and spices.

3.Mirchi ke salan:

4.Mutton khorma: goat meat,curd and spices  with leafys.

Now its time for Readers to guess which is the famous dish of Hyderabad.

come and guess.

Ghar Wapsi- The dirty Game.

What is Ghar Wapsi?

Is this Not a dirty game.

What is Hindu Rashtra?

Is this not a threat to Indian democracy and secularism.

If somebody feels that my i need to change my religion.He is welcomed by any religion without pressure or money.

But what we are seeing is that forced conversions in the name of Ghar Wapsi.

is this not a dirty game.

Conversions can not be done forcefully by  beating and giving Financial benefits in the name of religion.

Government should kindly interfere in this regard and save the nations secularism.