Stranger my wife.

Stranger story.

Why not describe my wife as a stranger.

I would definitely not forget the stranger  for doing all my needfull.

Before marrige we both were strangers.

Still she is the one who take care for my entire world.


Dosas with dry fruits.

Unique ways for preparing dosas usally some people tried doing commercially and its working people are eating this kind of dosas.normally Priced between Rs.80 and Rs.100, this variety of dosa has dry fruits and honey sprinkled on it and served without chutney. Around five eateries are selling this variety of dosa in addition to the non-veg and regular one. Idly, vada and Mysore bajji are prepared too.Bored of eating the regular varieties of non-veg dosas? Then drop in at a few eateries that are now offering dry fruit dosas, a new attraction in the old city.While eateries offering kheema dosa, chicken dosa and egg dosa are ubiquitous in this part of the city, a few have taken a lead by serving the dry fruit dosa. All one has to shell out is an amount between Rs.80 and Rs.100 for it.“It is prepared like any other variety of dosa with ‘rava’, but instead of onions or masala we sprinkle dry fruits and honey on it and serve without chutney.

Almonds (badam), cashews (kajju), chestnut (akhrot), pistachios (pista), raisins (kismish), dried figs (anjeer) and melon seeds are cut into small pieces and sprinkled in small quantities apart from butter and paneer.“In the beginning people were in dilemma over its high price, but eventually the dry fruit dosa is finding takers.

Kejriwal or Bedi

Delhi elections in action.

Guess who is going to win this crucial elections.

and what will the new government do for womens safety.

promises made by both the partys.

will the stand on the promises made to the public and especially womens.

Where will you meet your Soulmate.

Soulmate is a key to your life.

a person with whom we have a feeling of deep comfort, affinity and compatibility.

we can have true love connections in friends, family members, teachers, and even pets. I also don’t believe that every marriage is between soulmate  though each has that potential if both parties are willing to dig deep (it can happen).

the more of us that honour our personal growh, cultivate our greatest gifts and embrace our purpose (whether we’re intended to impact the world, our families, or the people down the block), the more we’ll all benefit. Yup, my reasoning is a bit broader than the question: what is a soulmate?

I do believe soulmates exist. I believe it with every cell in my body.